Rallyhood for NICU Families

Having a child in NICU turns a parent's life upside down. It’s a challenge to coordinate medical visits, fix meals and keep life as close to normal during this time while trying to keep loved ones up-to-date. A Rally can reduce the stress for a family with a child in NICU and keeps loved ones up to date without burdening the caregivers.


Parents Can Start a Rally

Rallyhood is a free, private online space outside of Facebook and other social networks where you can update your close friends and family on your status of your little one in a single place rather than juggling multiple threads through texts, emails and phone calls. With a Rally it’s also easy to manage the help from your friends and family by scheduling meal drop-offs, visiting hours, and even getting help with chores around the house while you focus on your child.

Let your community care for your family while you’re caring for your child.

Family and Friends Can Start a Rally

When we watch our loved ones struggle with a serious health journey we want to help, but we often don’t know what we can do. Starting a support Rally for a family with a child in NICU and organizing their support network to help is one of the best gifts you can give. As the Rally owner you can be a “champion” for the family, setting up a meal drop-off calendar, posting updates on behalf of the family, collecting donations for expenses, and letting others know when they can use extra love.

Activate your loved one’s community so they can focus on their child.

Rallyhood Features

Photos and messages

Share your journey through pictures and posts to friends and family,


Divvy up tasks to assist your family, such as carpooling meals and visitors.


Centralize your calendar to post dates, milestones, and doctor visit updates.

Private Messaging

Reach out privately to any Rally friend or email address.


Organize financial support with seamless secure fundraising.

private and secure

Know that only invited guests can see content.

Daily Digests Emails

Send a summary of activity automatically to all Rally Friends.


Send email and mobile notifications immediately for important information.